About Me

Me, Sue

Me, Sue


I’m Sue and I’m ‘BB Card Designs’. I’m married to Mike and we have two amazing grown up children, Sarah and Chris. Mike has been my soulmate and support for 36+ years and without him, I couldn’t run my business.

You might be wondering how I got into Stampin’Up! and start up BB Card Designs? Well, in 1997 I was involved in a car accident which left me disabled and unable to hold down a job doing regular hours. Recovering from my injuries, I carried on looking after my children, watching them grow up and watching my husband go off to work everyday, feeling resentful that their lives were carrying on and mine was dwindling. In 2003 just as I was beginning to pick myself up and feeling better about myself I was involved in another car accident. The first one permanently damaged the lumbar discs leaving me with nerve damage and in constant pain. The second accident permanently damaged my neck discs, causing a narrowing of the spinal canal, again leaving me in constant pain.

So there was I popping pills to try and control the pain, which they didn’t, feeling really sorry for myself, unable to work, unable to do much to be honest. My best mate, Gill, was having a Stampin’Up! party and suggested I went along. I thought, what would I want to do that for, I won’t be able to do anything. However persistent Gill persuaded me to go and it was the best decision I had made in a long time!

From that first party I was hooked! I ordered some of the products that we had used, had a party of my own, ordering yet more products and finding crafting was taking my mind off my situation. I carried on ordering more and more Stampin’Up! products, carried on crafting and actually enjoying myself. After a while, the Demonstrator I was ordering through suggested I become a Hobby Demonstrator and then I could save 20% on every order I placed. So that was what I did, in October 2011 I signed up with Stampin’Up! as a Hobby Demonstrator and carried on ordering products and crafting for myself. Gill joined me sometimes and we would craft together, then other friends would ask to join us and we would spend a couple of hours having fun, crafting, nattering and having a great time.

This carried on for about 6 months, then they said I should run classes! Well, I thought they were mad! You see over the years, before I ‘found’ stampin’up! I had lost all my self-confidence and self-belief. No way could I teach strangers how to make cards etc! They kept on at me and the more they did the more I starting wondering if I could. So for twelve months I practiced lots of techniques even making videos of my own, crafting with mates, running a small class with them until in April 2013 I thought I was ready!

My friends started commenting how I was different, how much I had changed, my old self was back, my confidence growing. I sat back and thought, wow you’re right I do feel different, even my lovely hubby saw it, he was no longer coming in from work, wondering what he was gonna find – now he’d find me exhausted but happy, my spare room a mess from me crafting! lol

So in April 2013, BB Card Designs was ‘born’! It has grown from strength to strength, just like me! I now run 3 monthly group classes and about to start another one as people keep asking to join them! I do 1-2-1 classes, 2-3 per week, commissions are regular and I am about to launch my brand new product-based classes! My Team of Demonstrators continues to grow and I love watching them grow in confidence as they run their businesses or build on their hobby.

Want to know what the ‘BB’ stands for? lol it’s a funny story. Whenever Gill was crafting at home on her own, she said she could feel me sitting on her shoulder saying ‘no not like that’ lol, so when I asked her what my business name should be, she suggested ‘Bossy Boots’! As I was always there ‘bossing her’ around even in her own home! lol. Hence the ‘BB’, but after a couple of years running my business I feel I’m no longer ‘bossy boots’ lol so I’ve changed it to ‘Bold and Beautiful’, to describe my cards!

Well I think I’ve told you enough about me (yes you say) so I will leave you to look at the rest of my website. I hope you enjoy wandering around it looking at all the projects I have made and look forward to hearing from you soon.